Withdrawal Policy

Withdrawal Procedure

  1. A Three (3) months notice must be submitted to the school (in written form ONLY) for withdrawal. Reason for withdrawal and the last day of school must be stated on the form with parents’/guardian’s signature. The withdrawal form must be summited by hand to Hua Xia Management Office (To Student Enrolment Team member ONLY), or email to, you may also submit to the Student Enrolment Team via WhatsAPP, kindly take a look of the contact numbers below.

  2. Registration and Miscellaneous fees are NON-REFUNDABLE upon withdrawal from school.

  3. Withdrawal application WILL NOT be processed should there be any outstanding fees.

  4. Refund (if any) will be made via online transfer within Two (2) months from the last school date upon approval by the school.

  5. Please take note that the withdrawal procedure takes 14 working days to process.

  6. All outstanding payments must be cleared in order to collect the documents of students which include:
        a) Leaving Certificate
        b) Progress Report
        c) Buku Kesihatan
        d) Discipline Report
        e) Pelaporan Pentaksiran Bilik Darjah (PBD)
         f) Borang Rumusan Aktiviti Kokurikulum/Aktiviti Sukan (PAJSK)
        g) Pelaporan Pentaksiran Standard Kecergasan Fizikal Kebangsaan

  7. Failure to submit the written withdrawal form, school fees will still be charged accordingly.

  8. The student will remain in the School’s system until the withdrawal process is fully complete and with no outstanding payment.

  9. There will be no refund on the tuition or any other fees for the month during which withdrawal notice is given.

  10. Parents/guardians will be financially responsible for the tuition and fees based on the above policy.


Click here to download the Withdrawal Form. For further enquiry regarding enrolment or visa application, please feel free to contact us via phone call, WhatsApp or email to