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Principal’s Message

Today more than ever, we have the power to access all knowledge known to humanity all available within our palms. Our thirst for knowledge and information can be quenched by just a few taps on our phones. This convenience that technology brought to us make us question ourselves on the relevance of schooling. After all, is there a real need for us to attend schools if Baidu and Google can answer all our questions within a matter of seconds?Knowledge is certainly important, but so is being “educated”. As William Ralph Inge once said, the aim of education is the knowledge not of facts, but of values – and these values are cultivated through years and years of schooling, where the character of a person is shaped.

At Hua Xia, our vision is to be a world-class institution in providing quality tertiary education. We vow to cultivate leaders of tomorrow, possessing both capability and integrity by instilling values in students since young so that they will grow up to be individuals with a sense of purpose.

In classrooms, our group of dedicated teachers utilize the plethora of technologies available and draw upon innovative teaching methods to guide students toward the fountain of knowledge. Also, the learning process is made appealing and interesting to students using stimulative techniques such as mind maps.

We encourage our students to participate in wide range of extra-curricular activities, exchange programmes and volunteering opportunities to widen their horizons besides enriching their campus life. We nurture students to be independent, and at the same time also teach them to care for the others.

We believe that the potential in every child is a treasure. We put in huge amount of effort to help each and every student realize the potential in themselves, bringing the best out of them so that they may experience the abundance the world has to offer.

We cordially invite you to browse our programmes and developments, and also encourage you to drop by our campus at Wisma Huazong for a visit!

Chong Siew Lay