Discover Hua Xia Private School

Founded in 2017, Hua Xia Private School aspires to be the benchmark of private schools in Malaysia, situated in Wisma Huazong, Seri Kembangan. We offer unique educational experiences to Form 1 – Form 5 students by following the Standards-Based Curriculum (KSSM) for secondary schools.

Our Vision

Provide High-Quality Education & Be a World-Class Education Institution. Our Vision is to provide world-class high-quality education in a safe and respectful environment that builds a strong foundation for life-long learning.

Our Mission

Cultivate Excellent and Comprehensive future masters of the nation. Our mission is to develop a well-rounded, responsible and responsible individual who aspires to achieve their full potential.

Hua Xia School Motto

Hua Xia Private School believes that everyone has their own unlimited potentials and values.

Hua Xians may not be geniuses, but if they understand and practise the connotation of the School Motto – “Respect”, “Love”, “Diligence” and “Moderation”, they will surely become quality students with excellent characteristics and academic performance.

It is crucial to cultivate students’ values and learning attitude in secondary school. Good learning habits will benefit a person for a lifetime. While Hua Xia places great importance to the students’ academic performance, the school also pays great attention to improving their personal accomplishment. Thus, the school is committed to guide students in discovering their various potentials.

The school promotes the spirits of school motto through various activities, implementing them in daily practices.
Students must participate in four various activities that promote the spirits of school motto to earn certificates, trophies, special prizes together with participation points.