Co-Curricular & Life Skills Training


The rapid advancement of technological innovations, global competition, and a push towards a knowledge-based economy requires students to have a repertoire of soft and hard skills to enable them to succeed in a future economy that is still in the making. Through our special designed CCA programmes, our students can exhibit soft skills such as creativity, leadership abilities, teamwork, flexibility, communication skills, resilience and an enterprising spirit that will enable them to stay relevant for the future.

Other than art & cultural programmes, we also provide practical life skills training such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), first aid, water surviving skills, self-defence etc. Apart from this, we are also helping our students to get the most out of volunteering by exploring the community service. Through the programme, it helps to cultivate a sense of purpose and compassion for students to learn to offer essential help to the worthwhile causes and people in need.

Life Skills Training

Surviving Skill

Self-Defense Skill

Water Surviving Skill

CPR Training