Senior Advisor’s Message

Dear Parents and Prospective Students,

There are many styles of education, the choice of which affects not just examination results, academic success, and other measurable attributes, but more permanently the development of individuals and their preparedness for future life. Those who thrive in the long term will have characteristics of independence, resourcefulness, creativity and determination. They ask the right questions and understand that they often seek the best rather than correct answers. They think for themselves. They operate within a framework of knowledge, personal and human values. They are self-motivated and interact well with the people around them and in a global context.

All schools work within the structure of a defined curriculum covering the basic needs of a good education, but look for an approach that inspires and allows for the wider needs of growth, adaptable to individuals, encouraging them to explore and play to their strengths. Look for an experience that is enjoyable, where pressures are realistic, that prepares young people for their future responsibilities according to their chosen places in the world. Look for a happy and positive school that is confident to break from the rigidity of current educational systems.

Philip Couzens
Senior Academic Advisor,
Universal Hua Xia International School (Penang)