At Universal Hua Xia International School (Penang), students would be groomed to their full potential, capitalising their talent and capabilities. The academics and the arts are given equal emphasis and such balance would ultimately produce leaders with integrity, knowledgeable and competent holistically in fulfilling the demands of 21st Century education.

Moving with time, learners are challenged to be technically skilled, able to think critically and develop an analytical mind and above all be creative and innovative. A fundamental focus of Hua Xia International School is in the offering of a strong foundation through holistic education which scaffolds the platform where academic excellence and educational fulfilment are given the highest priority.

Universal exposure is pertinent in driving towards global citizenship and bringing about respect for diversity and appreciating differences.

Our facilitators and coaches are trained to lead scholars in discovering the best of their potentials and to cultivate values and virtues which is the core in the development of the individual’s personality.

We trust that your stay with us would not only be enriching but rather an unforgettable one as you take away the many friendship surrounded by the care and concern offered by the staff and personnel.

We wish you a wonderful stay with us and we look forward to celebrate your achievements and accolades, which carves the signet on the school’s milestone.

We welcome you to our international family.


Mdm Julina Koay