Academic Team – Early Years


Ms. Gwendoline Heng

EY Coordinator

I am Gwendoline Heng, the Early Years Coordinator of Universal Hua Xia International School. I graduated with a First Class Honours Degree in Early Childhood Education with the University of Gloucestershire, U.K and obtained a certificate of Basic First Aid. For the past 7 years, I have worked in several preschools both locally and internationally, such as EtonHouse Kuala Lumpur, The Treetop House Ampang and Odyssey, The Global Preschool (Penang), Tadika Rajawali (Penang), Rowanfield School England and the Forest School in Sweden.

I believe that every child is unique and competent. In order to develop the child’s fullest potential and promote his or her learning, it is crucial to show care and give attention to every child; and work closely with parents and seek their support. Therefore, I strongly advocate that the home-school partnerships are the key element to the child’s learning and development.


Ms. Anna Tay

Ms. Anna Tay  has been teaching pre-school children for 16 years.  Teaching young children is her abiding passion and it is where her strength is. She strongly believes that children are the hope of our future.


Ms. Ezma Merican

Ms. Ezma Merican is our Language and Arts Teacher. She graduated       from Wanganui School of Design, Waikato University New Zealand in 2004. She has years of experiences teaching arts to young children. Before she embarked on her teaching career, she was working with Astro and Hi-5 Theatre Production for more than 12 years. She specializes in setting up stage and props for concerts and theatre. She believes that art is not only a passion for her, but also a talent that has moulded her aesthetic character ever since her earliest childhood memories. She hopes to share her knowledge and love of art with the children, and to encourage them to explore and enjoy the fun of it. She believes every child is unique and abstract like each piece of art.


Ms. Neshalenisuria

Ms. Neshalenisuria graduated from UNITAR International University with a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education) in 2015. She has 6 years of working experiences teaching young children and she truly enjoys working with them. As an Early Childhood Educator, she believes that it is important to nurture children when they are young and develop them to their full potential. She strives to play her part to ensure that each child under my care will be cared for and provide them with a joyous childhood experience where learning is fun and meaningful.


Ms. Sam Fu Xian

Ms. Sam Fu Xian graduated from SEGi College Penang with a Diploma in Early Childhood Education. She strongly believes what Robert John Meehan once said about teaching children. “Teaching children is an accomplishment. Getting children excited about learning is an achievement”. She also believes that children are our greatest treasure. I would like to teach them well to the best of my ability as they are our future.


Ms. Bong Su Cin

Ms. Bong Su Cin holds a Diploma in Early Childhood Education from SEGi College Penang in 2017. She always strives to have a better understanding towards children and enhances her interpersonal skills to foster meaningful relationships with children, teachers and parents. She believes that education is the road that children follow to reach their full potential in life. As a teacher, she would strive to educate the children and ensure they have a healthy growth and development.




Mr. Shasivarman A/L Gannason

Mr. Shasivarman A/L Gannason graduated from Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman in Bachelor of Arts (Honours) English Education. He believes that passion and patience are the key elements when dealing with young children. He is grateful to be given the opportunity to create a learning platform for them to explore, learn and grow as teaching is the career which creates a multitude of professions.


Ms Teh Shu Yong

Ms. Teh Shu Yong graduated from SEGi College Penang and have 7 years of experiences in teaching 2 to 5 years old children. Her greatest work of art is to be a teacher. Her belief is if a child cannot learn in the way we teach, we must teach in a way the child can learn.



Ms Jessica Xavier

I am Jessicca Xavier and I graduated with a Diploma in Early Childhood Education with SEGi College, Penang. I have 2 years of teaching experiences in different child care settings. I enjoy learning and researching about new things. Hence, one of my teaching philosophy will be “a teacher ignites the fire that fuels a student’s thirst for knowledge, curiosity and wisdom.”


Ms Nicole Lee Sheen Xue

I am Ms. Nicole, currently holding the position of Teacher (English) of Nursery 1. By having the enthusiasm of dealing with young children, I graduated with a Bachelor of Early Years Education from University of Greenwich, U.K. Since I started my Diploma of Early Childhood Education at Segi College Penang, I have accumulated 4 years of teaching experience as well as planning and managing in the early childhood sector.

I am inspired by Nelson Mandela, which he mentioned that ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’. By acquiring the skills and knowledge of Early Years Education, I am glad to have the opportunity to educate the children whom I have encountered by far.

Play is wonderful in children’s learning. I agreed that ‘Play is the highest form of research’, quoted by Albert Einstein. I hope all the children will have a wonderful early years experience and strive to be lifelong learners.